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Interview with Harm van Nispen from Van Gorp Greenfood

Since when is Van Gorp using the Laser en Respiration System from PerfoTec?
We have been using the laser for about 8 years now.

For which products and which packaging are you using the PerfoTec laser?
The laser is installed on a VVVS machine, on which we produce pillow bags. We use the laser for packaging with mixed lettuce combinations.

Papaya: From Brazil to Holland and still fresh!

Together with a partner who imports papayas from South America, PerfoTec has performed several tests to see whether papayas could be kept fresh longer throughout the transport from overseas.

Mini cucumber: After 15 days still fresh

Together with a couple of partners, PerfoTec has tested the improvement in quality in mini cucumbers when packed with PerfoTec technology. Improvements were shown with mini cucumbers stored at 7 C, with gas levels around 12% O2.

FlexFresh Liners address peak in production pointed peppers

The production of pointed peppers is not constant. Peaks in production are followed by troughs, as a result of with the supply and with it the price is fluctuating. A grower of pointed peppers has managed to address this successfully through usage of the FlexFresh Liners.

Top seal packaging of the future?

Top seal packaging (a tray with foil) is very popular in fresh food. For meat, fish, ready to eat meals and salads. It’s only in fruits and vegetables that top seal is lagging. And that’s strange if you look at the advantages it has to offer.

Produce Business UK @ Fruit Logistica

Produce Business UK

How M&S does it?

M&S wants to grow their business efficiently while at the same time reducing waste, creating a sustainable soft fruit sector. On the Producer Exchange, a website that supports the M&S Farming for the Future programme they explain how they do it. And share 2 concrete projects on how they achieve this in the soft fruit sector. PerfoTec is honoured to be one of them.

Endorsement from Drysdales

Drysdales in Schotland is already working with the PerfoTec respiration control system for more than 3 year, mainly for their sprouts. They are very pleased with the results and the support they have received from PerfoTec as reflected by the endorsement letter, which the CEO of the company has send. And as you can imagine, we are a little but proud of that.

Endorsement Letter

Blue berries from Chili to the UK with new bulk bags

Last month a customer from PerfoTec has conducted a trial with blue berries, transporting them all the way from Chili to the UK by sea. For the trial the new Flexfresh Liners from PerfoTec were used and the results were very good.

Are you ready to deliver P+10?

Retailers and consumers expect a longer shelf life. For berries that’s P+10. But are you already able to deliver this? Not only technically, but also in a way that makes economic sense? The micro-perforations from PerfoTec, which are based on respiration rates, are able to deliver P+4 versus the usual macro-perforated packaging. That’s why PerfoTec and berries are a winning combination for retailers, growers and consumers.

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