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Chicory: + 3 days extra freshness

Tests with chicory show that micro perforated film can regulate the respiration of the fresh product in a way that 1 to 3 days of extra freshness can be realized. The difference in freshness between chicory packed with micro-perforated film (PerfoTec) and macro-perforated film (regular) is clearly visible in the pictures below.

These additional days shelf life can help you increase your sales. We see for example in other product categories that savings can be achieved on logistic costs (sea or road transport instead of air) and new (distant) markets are within reach. Moreover, it is likely that the improved quality attracts new customers.

Want to know more about our tests with chicory (and red chicory) please contact us. If you want to know what the effect of PerfoTec is to other fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, check out the overview.

produce-red chicory-sbs produce-chicory-sbs

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