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Cooperation AGROVALUE SA and PerfoTec for Latin America

For the development of the Latin American Fruit & Vegetable market PERFOTEC started a cooperation with AGRIVALUE SA.

AGRIVALUE was founded in 2005 by Pepijn Verhey, a Dutchman living in Argentina. Pepijn has graduated from Wageningen University (MBA Food & Agribusiness) and is active in the Latin American market since 1997.

From its headquarters in Buenos Aires AGRIVALUE specializes in supporting agri-food companies that have the intention to set up new business in Latin America through greenfield operations, mergers or acquisitions. Utilizing its extensive network within the agri-food industry AGRIVALUE offers integrated mechanization solutions for the Latin American fruit and vegetable producer and processor.

AGRIVALUE is convinced that PERFOTEC will play an important role in the growing Latin American fresh market;

Thanks to PERFOTEC, Marks & Spencer can offer berries from Chile against a guaranteed quality in its supermarkets, but an Argentine strawberry grower cannot supply his strawberries, that are produced in the north, to the south of the country.

In the region there is a need for chain optimization in order to respond to increased quality requirements of local consumers. AGRIVALUE is looking forward to contribute to this development together with PERFOTEC.

In July 2016, Ivo Hendriks will visit potential customers in the region together with Pepijn Verhey.

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