Exopack, Kobusch and PerfoTec enter into strategic alliance

Exopack, Kobusch and PerfoTec enter into a strategic alliance for leading innovation in the fresh produce market

SPARTANBURG, SC and WARBURG, GERMANY – MARCH 26, 2013: An innovative technology for advancing the shelf life of packaged fresh produce will now be available from both Exopack and Kobusch following the signing of a contract for a strategic alliance between the two flexible packaging converters and PerfoTec B.V. (PerfoTec).

Based in The Netherlands, PerfoTec supplies specialized equipment that measures the respiration rates of fresh fruits and vegetables prior to film packaging. Unique software provided by the company calculates the required film permeability to allow for optimal respiration of the produce once it is packaged. PerfoTec’s patented Laser Perforation System then uses this information to adapt the film permeability through precise micro perforations. An integrated camera inspects each perforation for accurate diameter and shape.

In November 2012, PerfoTec was honored with a Green Tulip Award at the Accenture Innovation Awards for ‘the most sustainable innovation in The Netherlands’. The PerfoTec process affords packers, retailers and consumers extended shelf life for their produce, which leads to overall waste reduction from product spoilage.

“We are extremely confident that both Exopack and Kobusch have the capabilities to make the PerfoTec System available to all quality driven packers and processors of fresh-cut produce and that this will result in better product freshness and less wastage for retailers and consumers. It is clearly proven that better quality leads to increase of sales and reduction of quality complaints. The system will benefit everybody in the trading chain,” said Bas Groeneweg, founder and owner of PerfoTec BV. “We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration will offer to those who are involved in the daily battle for quality.”

This new alliance will allow Exopack and Kobusch to expand their current film offerings to fresh produce customers in North America and Europe respectively. PerfoTec will be responsible for the manufacture and delivery of the respiration meters and laser perforation equipment and software, as well as providing training and continued system support. Exopack and Kobush will have responsibility for film supply and ongoing product support.

According to Kobusch CEO Borge Kvamme, ”Kobusch simply wants to have the best fresh packaging produce system in Europe. Our research shows that better taste and ‘fresher longer’ are the two key attributes for consumers and brands, whereas longer product life cycle is the key attribute for our customers’ value chain. This strategic alliance with PerfoTec is key to our business model”.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that this alliance will afford us,” added Virag Patel, vice president of international strategies for Exopack. “The PerfoTec respiration and micro perforation technology will allow us to expand our current product offerings to the produce market and provide our customers with a sustainable alternative to their current packaging methods.”

About Exopack
Managing nineteen production facilities strategically positioned across North America, the United Kingdom, Lebanon and China, as well as a global network of alliance partners, Exopack is an established leader in the development, manufacture, and sourcing of flexible packaging and coatings solutions for various consumer and industrial end-use markets. For more information, please visit www.exopack.com.

About Kobusch
Kobusch, a corporation that offers tailor made products, is operational worldwide and focused on international growth within the EMEA market range and has discovered breakthrough solutions for hard packaging, half-flexible and fully flexible packaging products, systems for protein based and convenience foods, dried foods, customer care and high-technology products, as well as packaging for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.

Our current offer for packaging solutions includes tailor-made thermoformed hard packaging, half-flexible and flexible uprights, labels and sleeves. More information can be found on our website www.kobusch.com.

About PerfoTec
Founded in 2004 and based in The Netherlands, PerfoTec has developed the new standard in Modified Atmosphere Packaging for fresh-cut produce in the World. PerfoTec gives packers and processors the tools and the knowledge to manage the protective atmosphere in the packages by themselves.

The current users of the PerfoTec System have identified that having full control over the atmosphere in the packages is a Critical Control Point for the quality of their products.
More information www.perfotec.com

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