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PerfoTec at Fruit Attraction 2012 in Madrid

Spanish retailers lose up to € 100 million on the fruit and vegetables section

Figures from the FAO show that 7.5% of the fresh produce in supermarkets is discarded before it is sold. For Spain, this means a waste of € 400 million in retail sales and distribution costs. A quarter of this can be prevented with the revolutionary smart packaging solutions from PerfoTec.

Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh, but the amount of oxygen varies by varieties and changes through the seasons.  PerfoTec’s equipment measures the exact quantity needed and then provides the packaging foil of the correct micro perforation. This extends the shelf life considerably. Research has shown that in this way the loss of pre-packed fruits and vegetables can be reduced by 50%.
With a total loss of fresh produce of € 400 million, a saving of approximately €100 million can be made, depending on the percentage of pre-packed fresh produce in the supermarket.

Better quality, lower distribution costs
Besides the considerable loss reduction, the packaging solutions from PerfoTec have got a number of other important advantages. By maintaining the quality of products, sales increases and the retailer further strengthens its positive fresh image. Additionally, distribution costs decrease due to the lower supply frequency that is needed. These benefits are all in addition to the huge savings that are made.

Positive experiences in the UK
PerfoTec is already used in several European countries. In England, for example, Marks & Spencer were able to achieve significant revenue growth due to longer shelf life and improved product quality. The wastage has been reduced by 50%, which resulted in a great saving.

Award winner
Manor Fresh, supplier of fresh potatoes in the UK, achieved with PerfoTec a great improvement in sustainability and product quality. The company won the 2012 M&S Food Supplier’s Innovation Award for this.

Fruit Attraction Madrid
The Spanish fresh produce business can also benefit from the advantages of the smart packaging solutions from PerfoTec. The company is exhibiting at Fruit Attraction, October 24 to 26 in Madrid, Hall 1.B04. Here producers and retailers can explore how great the benefits of PerfoTec are for their business.

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