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Grapes: +7 days extra shelf life

Commercial table grapes are usually packed in a package with macro perforations. The shelf life is generally short, so the in-store waste is relatively high. The shelf life of grapes is mainly affected by weight loss, discoloration of the stems, mold and soft, crushed or rotting grapes in the packaging.

Tests with one of our partners in Chile showed positive effects with regards to the reduction of weight loss, improvement in de condition of the stems and overall appearance. In addition, UK retailer Marks & Spencer has achieved successful results with grapes that are packed with the PerfoTec system. The shelf life of the grapes has been extended from 5 to 7 days, which resulted in 50% in-store waste reduction. This led to a large cost savings with simultaneously a growth in sales due to the improved quality.

Also snack grapes, without stem, are becoming increasingly popular. The removal of the stem can lead to damaging of the grapes. Because the grapes are no longer attached to the vine they are also more fragile, with a loss in shelf life as a result. By packing with the PerfoTec system (integrated onto your existing packaging line) a significant win in shelf life can be achieved for both snack grapes and grapes on the vine. This offers opportunities for grape growers and packers who want to expand their sales. Interested to learn more? Contact us.

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