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PerfoTec introduces the Roadrunner at the Fruit Logistica

A top seal packaging machine integrated with the PerfoTec Laser Perforation System

PerfoTec introduces the Roadrunner at the Fruit Logistica. A Plug and Play top seal packaging machine, which is integrated with the PerfoTec Laser Perforation System. It is developed by Pro-Seal and PerfoTec for companies which already have a top seal machine and want to explore the technology from PerfoTec.

The UK Fruit & Vegetable Awards – Quad Packs Branston

Managing waste within our business is something we can control daily. When our products leave our sites, managing waste becomes more difficult. How can we help reduce waste in branch and in the home?

Branston ‘putting potatoes to sleep’ to boost shelf life

Tesco’s potato supplier set to roll out storage-boosting packaging to more potato varieties

Branston is preparing to expand the use of packaging that effectively “sends potatoes to sleep” and increases their shelf life at Tesco.

Press Release: Weight loss reduced to minimum with Flexfresh Liner bags

Several large shippers have conducted a trial with the Flexfresh Liner bags, shipping blueberries from South America to Europe. This is a journey of more than 3 weeks. Shipping loose blueberries resulted in a weight loss of 19,96% on average, whereas the packed product with the Flexfresh Liner bag resulted in a weight loss of only 0,76% after 7 weeks. A reduction of 96%!

Press Release: Dutch flower innovation receives prestigious American award

Netherlands based technology company Perfotec was awarded the innovation award for best new packing/ Processing Equipment at this years’ United Fresh Convention held in Chicago.

The groundbreaking technology promises to be a game changer in the floral industry. Now making it possible to store, sell and send fresh flowers without the use of water whilst maintaining their freshness.

PerfoTec introduces new Central Laser Management System (CLMS)

Many users of the PerfoTec Lasers on packing machines have multiple packing locations and packing lines.
The product programs in these lasers require regular changes to adapt to changes in pack weight or respiration rate of the produce.

Press Release: Latest Technology for Waterless Flower Packaging with Extended Shelf Life

Netherlands based Shelf Life Extension technology company PerfoTec has introduced a ground breaking Packaging Solution for Flowers, that will make the use of Water in the Supply Chain redundant.

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