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Visit PerfoTec at Fruit Logistica

Winner Accenture Innovation Awards at Fruit Logistica

The winner of the Accenture innovation Awards will be attending Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 6-8 February 2013 with a special offer for retailers and producers/packers who visit the exhibition together.

Winner Accenture Award

PerfoTec awarded with the Green and the Blue Tulip at the Accenture Innovation Awards

On November 8th 2012 PerfoTec won the Green Tulip (Groene Tulp) Award at the Accenture Innovation Awards in the Netherlands.

Marks and Spencer experience sales growth

Marks and Spencer experience sales growth with waste reduction in fruit and vegetables

Marks & Spencer, the world-leading retailer in sustainability, has made a new step towards reducing food waste and experienced significant sales growth.

Marks & Spencer conducted a pilot with fresh grapes and managed to extend the shelf life from 5 to 7 days. Due to the longer shelf life, in store waste was reduced by 50%, which created a major financial saving. In addition the increase in product quality resulted in significant sales growth.  Manor Fresh Ltd., supplier of fresh potatoes in the UK, attained with the same solution a great improvement in retail shelf life and product quality. The company won the 2012 M&S Food Supplier’s Innovation Award for this achievement.

PerfoTec at Fruit Attraction 2012 in Madrid

Spanish retailers lose up to € 100 million on the fruit and vegetables section

Figures from the FAO show that 7.5% of the fresh produce in supermarkets is discarded before it is sold. For Spain, this means a waste of € 400 million in retail sales and distribution costs. A quarter of this can be prevented with the revolutionary smart packaging solutions from PerfoTec.

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