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Marks & Spencer implements the PerfoTec system with all its UK soft fruit suppliers

Recently Marks & Spencer (M&S) and their UK soft fruit suppliers have started with the Respiration Control System from PerfoTec to reduce in-store waste. Beside the major cost saving this is a major step forward in addressing the global issue of food waste. And a powerful example of what can be achieved when retailers and their suppliers are committed to work together to address this global issue.

This decision did not happen overnight. In an extensive pilot with M&S, Total Berry and their Spanish supplier, the shelf life of raspberries and strawberries is extended from 3-4 to 5-6 days. This is a great leap forward, given the fact that M&S handles the highest quality standards in the world.

The results that M&S and their suppliers achieved are not possible with pre-perforated films, but can only be achieved by combining PerfoTec’s online laser perforation system on the packing line, with the Fast Respiration Meter. The set points on the packing machine need to be changed  ‘instantly’ based on for example variety of the product and season. And obvious but true, it is also important to maintain a closed cool chain until the actual retail shelf.

Strawberries, raspberries but also blueberries and cherries are delicate products with a shelf life of only 3 to 4 days. Doubling the shelf life is a very attractive benefit for consumers, as the increased sales volume in the pilot demonstrates. The reduction of in-store waste in combination with an increased sales volume is a direct benefit for packer and retailer. But there is also another important benefit, which may not be directly visible. It makes the distribution and ordering process between suppliers and retailers a lot more simple and flexible. And that also saves money.

Based on these results M&S has agreed with all their UK soft fruit suppliers to implement the Respiration Control System from PerfoTec.

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