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Winner Accenture Award

PerfoTec awarded with the Green and the Blue Tulip at the Accenture Innovation Awards

On November 8th 2012 PerfoTec won the Green Tulip (Groene Tulp) Award at the Accenture Innovation Awards in the Netherlands. Out of more than 1,400 entries, PerfoTec is rated the best when it comes to sustainability, innovation, success and potential and is thereby the most sustainable innovation in the Netherlands. In addition PerfoTec has also won the Blue Tulip (Blauwe Tulp) in the category ‘Making More out of Less’ in consumer goods and services. The Accenture Award jury pointed out that all key stakeholders experience Perfotec’s solution as particularly attractive. PerfoTec reaches the market a practical solution for reducing the waste problem.

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