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PerfoTec celebrates 10-year anniversary

Much has happened the past 10 years. What started with an idea to extend the shelf life of Brussels sprouts has grown to a system that doubles the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. A system that continuous to expand, and is quickly becoming the standard in the field of packing fruit and vegetables. It fits in perfectly with the current focus on reducing food waste and addresses the price pressure that effects all parties involved in the fresh produce sector.

From our years of experience it appears that not only waste reduces, but also that sales increases when the quality of the products is maintained for longer. That means not only a win on sustainability, but also on sales. The initial investment in the system is earned back within months as a result of the savings achieved in reducing waste and the increased sales. This combination makes our Respiration Control System so successful and that’s why we have been nominated for, and won, several awards in recent years.

Our anniversary means a present for you!
We do not pass our 10th anniversary unnoticed. Therefore, we will raffle 10 free tests “Proof of Concept”, among interested retailers, producers and packers. This means that we will conduct a test on a product of your choice (fruit, vegetable or flower) that will clearly show how much shelf life gains can be achieved. This information we use to calculate your saving when using the PerfoTec Respiration System. If you are interested in this opportunity to reduce waste and increase revenue please send an e-mail with your motivation and your preferred product to On December 12 we will draw 10 winners from all entries. If you are one of the lucky ones we will contact you after this date.

Conditions for participation:

  • One entry per company
  • PerfoTec may also use the results of the test for communication purposes (obviously without company name if you have any objection).
  • The test will be performed on one item from your product range.
  • The lead-time is variable and depends on the type of product.
  • The start of the test will be, after consultation, in 2015.

10 years PerfoTec
What are the highlights of 10 years PerfoTec? Watch the timeline of PerfoTec from the beginning until now.
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