PerfoTec expands team – update

To meet the growing demand, PerfoTec has expanded the team with Ivo Hendriks as Commercial Director, Andrew Sharp as Business Development Director, Isabel Verhulst as Customer Support and several new international representatives.

After winning the Accenture Innovation Award in 2012, PerfoTec has seen an exponential growth of their business. An increasing number of international retailers and their suppliers are implementing the Respiration Control System from PerfoTec, to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Ivo Hendriks will take responsibility for the International Business. He has spend more than 15 years in fast moving consumer goods with a focus on fresh food like bread, meat and vegetables. He has held various senior management positions both in a production and trading environment. In his previous role Ivo has already successfully worked with the PerfoTec system.

Andrew Sharp will take responsibility for the International Development. Andrew spent 7 years farming and growing crops before joining Tesco to become the senior fruit technologist. After that he joined Marks & Spencer where he was eventually appointed as the Technical Manager responsible for Fruits, Salads, Vegetables and Flowers & Plants. In 2006 Andrew left Marks and Spencer and became the Technical Director of Fresca, which is one of the largest Fresh Produce suppliers to UK retailers. Andrew has worked with the PerfoTec system for several years, successfully deploying it within the Fresca group.

Isabel Verhulst has recently joined the team as Customer Support, and will guide the new and current clients through the PerfoTec system.

With experienced representatives in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Scandinavia, Oceania, Israel, Latin America and even one specialized in the potato business, PerfoTec is also represented internationally.

With the new team in place PerfoTec is ready to help more retailers and packers increase their fresh produce sales, while reducing in-store waste. The team is here for you, go to the contact page for more details.

Ivo Hendriks
Commercial Director
T : +31 (0)6 1323 5169

Andrew Sharp
Business Development Director
T : +44 (0)78 3182 9853

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