PerfoTec launches next generation Respiration Control System

PerfoTec makes shelf life extension more accessible with 40% cost reduction

PRESS RELEASE  The PerfoTec Respiration Control System has become 40% cheaper, while maintaining the same functionality. It comprises a new laser perforation system and a compact respiration meter. This makes shelf life extension even more accessible for everyone.

Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh, but the amount of oxygen needed varies by type and changes through the seasons. PerfoTec’s Respiration Control System measures the exact level of oxygen needed and adjusts the packaging accordingly with micro-perforations. Several retail pilots, that include Marks & Spencer, show that this way in-store waste can be reduced with 50%.

The Laser Perforations System that is responsible for making the micro-perforations has been successfully re-engineered and re-designed to drive down cost, while maintained its robustness and functionality. The new Fast Respiration Meter is again developed with innovation service provider TOP bv from Wageningen in the Netherlands. This model is more compact than previous models. That’s because it no longer contains an integrated refrigeration system. Experience shows that this is not always necessary because the measurement usually takes place in a refrigerated room. The advantage is that the technology can be applied even more flexible.

Chain-wide approach to food waste

The new generation of the Respiration Control System is a major step forward in making the technology, and thereby shelf life extension, accessible to everyone: growers, packers and retailers. It offers a huge potential for a chain-wide approach to food waste. “With this reduction in costs it has now become very interesting to purchase the system”, was one of the most frequent responses at the Fruit Logistica. Growers, packers and retailers who are interested to know more about the technology and what it can do for them can contact PerfoTec.

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