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PerfoTec receives International FoodTec Gold Award 2015

PerfoTec has received the Internatioal FoodTec Gold Awards 2015 on March 24 during an Award ceremony. The International FoodTec Awards are made every three years.

Below the press release from DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society), one of the organizers.

Recognition for innovative systems and processes in the international food produc-tion and supplier industries – Award ceremony at the 2015 Anuga FoodTec trade fair in Cologne

(DLG). DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) re-cently announced the winners of the International FoodTec Awards. Perfo Tec BV from Mijdrecht (Netherlands) won the International FoodTec Gold Award 2015. This year, the prestigious accolade was presented to 18 innovations in the international food produc-tion and supplier industries. Nine of the innovations received the award in gold, nine received the award in silver. Among the award-winners are companies from Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

International FoodTec Gold Award:
Perfo Tec BV (Mijdrecht / Netherlands)
„Respiration control system“

Fresh fruit and vegetables continue to breathe in their packaging, a process that uses up ox-ygen and produces CO2 and water vapour. The intensity with which they breathe is influ-enced by variety-specific characteristics as well as various external factors, particularly tem-perature. If the product is packaged in sealed, impermeable film, the concentration of oxygen falls to such a low level over time that anaerobic breathing sets in, which can lead to the for-mation of undesirable odours and flavours and to further degradation of product quality. To prevent detrimental changes, a limited exchange between the internal and external atmos-phere would be desirable to allow the delivery of a certain amount of oxygen. In searching for an optimum solution, Perfo Tec has developed a respiration control system that encom-passes four steps: 1. Measurement of breathing activity; 2. Calculation of fi lm permeability using the AMAP software; 3. Laser perforation of the packaging film; 4. Quality control via an integrated camera that monitors the perforation. This greatly increases the shelf life of
the product and significantly reduces spoilage.

International FoodTec Awards
The International FoodTec Awards are made every three years. The awards are presented by the DLG in conjunction with the following organizations and media partners: the EFFoST (European Federation of Food Science and Technology) and Anuga FoodTec, the ‘Fleischwirtschaft’ and ‘Fleischwirtschaft international’ trade journals published by Deutscher Fachverlag, Frankfurt am Main, the European Dairy Magazine and ‘Deutsche Milchwirtschaft’ trade journals published by Th. Mann, Gelsenkirchen, the ‘FOOD Lab – Qualitätsmanage-ment, Analytik und Nachhaltigkeit’ trade journal published by Bücker Fachverlag, Bad Breisig, the DLG-Lebensmittel trade journal published by the DLG-Verlag and the ‘Lebens-mitteltechnik’ trade journal published by LT Food Medien-Verlag, Hamburg.

The panel of judges
The award winners were selected by a panel of expert international judges representing vari-ous disciplines: Professor Emmerich Berghofer (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna/Austria), Professor Michael Gänzle (University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada), Dr Kees de Gooijer (Food & Nutrition Delta, Wageningen/Netherlands), Professor Dietrich Knorr (Technical University of Berlin), Professor Alexander Kolesnov (Moscow State University of Food Production MGUPP/Russia), Professor Horst-Christian Langowski (Fraunhofer Institute for Packaging and Packaging Technology, Freising-Weihenstephan), Professor Helmy T. Omran (Suez Canal University, Ismailia/Egypt), and Professor Achim Stiebing (Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, Lemgo/Germany).

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