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Press Release: Amerplast and PerfoTec to launch new AmerFresh Packaging System at Fruit Logistica Trade Fair

Amerplast and PerfoTec are to participate in one of the world’s largest trade fairs for fresh produce, Fruit Logistica in Berlin that takes place between February 3rd and 5th and brings together more than 2 700 exhibitors and 65 000 visitors from the international fresh produce trade. Together the two companies will introduce AmerFresh, a new packaging system that enhances the shelf-life of fresh produce, thereby reducing waste and cost.

The AmerFresh Packaging System uses latest R&D intelligence specific to fresh-cut vegetables and fruits, Amerplast high-performance film and printing technology and the Perfotec laser perforation system, and it works in complete synergy with fresh-cut packing equipment.

One of the key variables for fresher produce is the optimization of oxygen levels within the pack, tailored for each type of vegetable and fruit. The AmerFresh Packaging System is designed to inhibit as much as possible the biochemical reactions in fresh produce through better packaging architecture, delivering fresh-cut vegetables and fruits with a longer life cycle. The PerfoTec technology enables individual measurement and tools for optimal oxygen respiration rates for each individual produce.

Amerplast and PerfoTec BV first announced their co-operation at the 2015 Fruit Logistica Trade Fair. The unique PerfoTec technology and equipment have since been installed at Amerplast’s Tampere site in Finland. With a strong heritage in high performance fresh food packaging, Amerplast offers a high level of expertise in the sector, and the cooperation with PerfoTec opens new possibilities for Amerplast’s fresh produce customers in terms of more economical and sustainable packaging solutions.

“Our customers have shown high interest towards this new micro perforation packaging technology. We believe this technology brings superior benefits for our fresh produce customers and that in a few years it will be capitalized on all over Europe”, says Børge Kvamme, CEO Amerplast. “Another key to AmerFresh is that we have developed a wide range of film options and thicknesses for different fresh-cut vegetables and fruits, to meet different customer requirements. Our micro-perforated laminates offer excellent film permeability, allowing efficient mix of barrier and breathing properties. Additionally, our films are puncture and tear resistant and stable and perform extremely well on-line at high speed, which allows our customers to capture additional downstream value”, Kvamme concludes.

“The partnership with Amerplast is a great opportunity for us to join forces with a high performing packaging company dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance quality and convenience of high value food products”, says PerfoTec’s CEO Bas Groeneweg. “Our cooperation has enabled Amerplast to expand their film offering and allows them to provide support to customers through delivery of the respiration meters and laser perforation units and software, having responsibility for film supply and ongoing product support”. “Jointly with Amerplast we can offer the customers a completely integrated system which is unique in this industry”.

Please visit us at Fruit Logistica in Berlin at our booth in Hall 4.1 C-16

For more information:
Børge Kvamme, CEO Amerplast, tel: +358 50 567 9545
Bas Groeneweg, CEO PerfoTec, tel. +31 651 31 3819


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