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Press release: PerfoTec winner of International Foodtec Award 2015

PerfoTec is the winner of the gold medal in the International FoodTec Awards with their Respiration Control System. This was announced by the DLG (The German Agricultural Society). The prize will be received on the 24th of March, during the Anuga FoodTec, the international trade fair for food technology in Cologne.

The International FoodTec Award is a prestigious award for the most innovative technologies in the European food industry. And is awarded only once every three years. Particular attention is paid to the extent in which these new technologies are successfully incorporated on the market. PerfoTec is very proud to accept this award for their technology, which extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

CEO PerfoTec Bas Groeneweg: “We are honored to be amongst the top of the most innovative food technology companies in Europe. This award is further proof that our system is the future. We see that more and more of our customers, growers and packers, are looking for natural solutions to supply retailers with fresh products with reliable quality. With our Respiration Control System that is in reach through an easy to implement adaptation of their packaging line.”

The extended freshness that can be achieved with the PerfoTec system, allows for much more flexibility in the supply chain. Growers and traders can export to countries that are further away, increasing their market area. But they can also provide a more reliable product to retailers who will have less waste and see their sales increase because of the improved quality.

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