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Retailers generate money with waste reduction

Retailers can generate money with reducing in-store waste of fruit and vegetables. A lot of money!

The solution for reducing waste is often sought in new logistics systems. Large projects that require a lot of time and investment in adapting IT systems, training of staff and redesigning the supply chain. That can be done more efficiently. By preventing the problem of waste with the right packaging. If growers and / or suppliers pack with the PerfoTec system this provides at least an in-store reduction of waste of 50%. At an average waste percentage of 6% that means a profit improvement of 3%.

Thanks to the profitable results Marks & Spencer now has implemented our system with all its soft fruit suppliers. Who will be the next retailer that makes this smart move? We will be at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 4 to 6 February, where we give anyone interested more insight into the results that have been achieved in for example soft fruit, potatoes and lettuce. Who is not in the position to come to Berlin, but still want to know more can contact us directly.

Our solution was initially only applied to pre-packaged fruits and vegetables in the retail industry, but is now also available for bulk and transport packaging. At Fruit Logistica we present our latest innovation: PerfoTec Flexfresh Liners: Smart plastic bags that can be used in existing crates and boxes. A logical next step, since most waste occurs in trading. They will be used primarily by growers and traders but retailers also benefit from the new bulk bags. They benefit from the improved quality and a more sustainable organization of the supply chain. Think about a reliable supply chain and more purchasing guarantee.

By approaching the problem of food waste from both sides even more waste can be prevented. This fits completely with our vision to tackle waste chain-wide and improve the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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