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Tomato: After 12 days still no sign of dehydration

The freshness of tomatoes can be read from the stem. Consumers are consciously or unconsciously attracted by a nice, fresh stem, with a fresh color. When tomatoes are less fresh the stem will look dehydrated. The leaves of the tomato crown curl up and the color changes from bright green to dark green and sometimes brown. Tests with the PerfoTec system show that the freshness of tomatoes, and therefore also of the stem can be extended.

The tests were done with a crate of standard pre-packaged tomatoes packed in a new PerfoTec linerbag. The control group with standard pre-packaged tomatoes was not packaged in a PerfoTec linerbag.

  • After 12 days, the control group clearly shows signs of declining freshness. The leaves of the crown curl up and the color of the stem has changed. The tomatoes also quickly fall off the vine when they are picked up, which is a sign of dehydration.
  • After 12 days the tomatoes on the vine packed in the PerfoTec liners still look fresh. Even if the bunch is shaken the tomatoes remain attached on the stem. There is still no sign of dehydration.


For tomatoes, the longer freshness, the better the quality and sales of the products. An extended freshness gives more room in the supply chain allows products to be further exported and enables cheaper modes of transport. Read more about the benefits of a longer freshness of fruit and vegetables for growers and retailers.

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