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Top seal packaging of the future?

Top seal packaging (a tray with foil) is very popular in fresh food. For meat, fish, ready to eat meals and salads. It’s only in fruits and vegetables that top seal is lagging. And that’s strange if you look at the advantages it has to offer.

Tesco, M&S and Sainsbury are using top seal packaging for fruits and vegetables in the UK and are thus leading the way in Europe. Top seal packaging has numerous advantages compared to clamshell packaging (containers). The amount of packaging material used is reduced by 30%, which leads to a saving in material cost and is more environmentally friendly. Top seal packaging is also more efficient for the supply chain cost and improves the product integrity.

The products also look more appealing and less packaged with top seal, thereby improving the in-store presentation. In addition it offers the opportunity to make use of shelf life extension technology, which has been shown to increase sales and reduce waste. Research has confirmed that the majority of consumers have a preference for top seal packaging. This preference goes up to 77% when consumers find out that they can save 30% on packaging materials.

The question is therefore when growers and retailers outside the UK are starting to appreciate the benefits of top seal packaging. The PerfoTec system is at least well suited for adding micro-perforations to top seal packaging.

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