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The UK Fruit & Vegetable Awards – Quad Packs Branston

Managing waste within our business is something we can control daily. When our products leave our sites, managing waste becomes more difficult. How can we help reduce waste in branch and in the home?

In October 2014 we introduced our first-to-market quad packs to Waitrose own-brand potatoes. This new revolutionary packaging provided an increased print area, which prevented light from damaging the potatoes reducing greening on shelf. It also uses the groundbreaking Perfotec technology, which helps control the atmosphere in pack allowing the packaging, and potatoes, to breathe, improving quality of the potatoes.

The old packaging left the product vulnerable to light and display options are limited. With the new packaging, the packaging protects the product and Perfotec technology helps to improve shelf life. It also means the product is able to be displayed in a variety of ways and has a more premium appearance.

As well as offering two additional days’ shelf life, the new packaging has halved waste on the lines we have introduced it in since its launch.

Not only has the new packaging proved excellent for waste reduction in branch, it provides products with a premium appearance, point of difference and allows for improved presentation on shelf, improving customers shopping experience. All of these attributes have resulted in a 10 per cent sales increase on Waitrose baby potatoes. Following this success we’re rolling it out across the whole Waitrose potato range, and it’s already providing positive results, with a 30 per cent initial sales increase.

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