PerfoTec Laser Perforation System
What is it and how does it work? PerfoTec’s easy and simple explanation

PerfoTec Laser Perforation System - easy and simple explanationIn this previous article you can read how our Fast Respiration Meter works and how it can help you to determine the respiration rate of you fresh produce. So, now you actually know how many tiny breathing-holes the packaging of your product needs, because our software will know, and it will tell you. This unique cloud software will send the information to the PerfoTec Laser, that’s installed on you packaging machine, and now your packaging machine will know as well. You can start saving costs, reducing quality losses and preventing food waste!

We’ll take a step back, because you probably want to know why all this is necessary:

MAP technology - PerfoTec’s easy and simple explanationFruits, veggies and flowers keep ‘breathing’ even after they’ve been packed. That’s what we call fresh produce respiration. Imagine your berries, asparagus, herbs or even flowers, in a nice comfortable sleep inside the package. That’s exactly what’s happening when you pack them with our technology. A modified atmosphere is created inside the bag and your product is brought to sleep.

So, our software has been given the respiration values by the Fast Respiration Meter, and these values are then translated into the number, size and distance of the tiny little laser perforated holes. The PerfoTec Laser can now make those holes in your film, which is being used for packing your product directly on your packaging machine.

PerfoTec Laser Camera system - easy and simple explanationTo prevent our laser to adapt the holes on its own, we gave him a supervisor. A camera! This camera films each hole and sends it to our software, so if there is any deviation in the holes, our software will detect it and make sure to recover the deviation. So, the quality is guaranteed starting from your first bag. There are less or no quality losses and longer shelf life will be achieved, which means huge costs saving for you and better quality for the customer!

Depending on your packing machine type, our engineers can make either a Single Lane Laser or a Double Lane Laser System. Our Laser System can be fitted on any packing machine.

Produce packed in this PerfoTec, tailor made, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) will keep its freshness and quality for much longer and this will give your product an extended, optimized shelf-life.

This image shows you what happens when you ‘lock up’ a product in a normal bag vs. a ‘happy’ product inside a controlled atmosphere bag (MAP).

PerfoTec’s easy and simple explanation - natural atmosphere
PerfoTec’s easy and simple explanation - Normal bag
PerfoTec’s easy and simple explanation - MAP bag

HERE you can find all technical information about the PerfoTec Laser Perforation System. Feel free to contact us for more information about PerfoTec’s technology and how you can achieve better quality and extended shelf-life for your fresh produce.

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