Breath is the Finest Gift of Nature 

This is true for humans and animals. Did you know that fruit, vegetables and flowers are also breathing? And that if you control the respiration rate of fruit, vegetables and flowers, that you control the freshness during transport from grower to consumer.

How does this work?

Fruits and vegetables each have their own ripening process and respiration rate . The atmosphere in the packaging needs to be adjusted to reach the best optimum.


How do we know what the best optimum is?

The PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter 4.0 measures the respiration rate of fresh produce within just four hours. This enables you to respond to seasonal variations and adjust your package permeability accordingly to deliver the best product quality.
The FRM allows the usage of different size vessels to accommodate every type of fruit, vegetable, and flower. It measures oxygen consumption as well as the production of carbon dioxide and stores this data safely and automatically in a database.
The new generation of the Respiration Control System is a major step forward in maintaining freshness by measuring the respiration rate. Thanks to the Central Laser Management System the technology is accessible to everyone, whether they’re growers, packers, or retailers.

How can we adjust the best optimum in your packaging?

The PerfoTec laser perforation system extends the freshness of fruit, vegetables, and flowers by optimizing the permeability of the packaging. When packaging fresh produce film permeability is critical in reaching an optimal atmosphere inside the package and maximizing the quality and shelf life of fresh produce. The PerfoTec O2Control is the highest accuracy gas flush system for vertical and horizontal packing machines, and for tray sealers. It combines food-grade compressed air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to produce the desired gas mix for your produce. Together with an intelligent sensor system, this delivers accurately gas flushed packages right from the first pack made. This results in the highest consistency in packed produce quality and shelf life.

PerfoTec has different solutions to keep your produce fresh. If we know how fruit, vegetables and flowers are breathing, we have the solution to extend the freshness. Are you struggling? Contact us for more information

What is your goal?

Your struggle to keep your produce fresh is history with our solution

Extension of freshness reduces food waste and saves costs. It also brings new storage and transport possibilities. Interested? Contact us.

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