Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019

PerfoTec and Hessing proudly present PerfoTecO2Control as one of the finalists for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019. The top award for the fresh produce industry. It will be presented on 8 February 2019 in Berlin. More than 77,000 trade visitors from over 130 countries will have a chance to vote for the “innovation of the year” on 6 & 7 February.
A panel of experts from all levels of the fresh produce industry selected PerfoTecO2Control as one of the ten nominees from more than 70 submissions.

Longer shelf life and reduced food waste are achieved with PerfoTecO2Control

The ultimate gas flushing system allows fresh produce packers to reach the required level of modified atmosphere in their packaging instantly and consistently. An optimum mixture of CO2, oxygen and nitrogen is adapted to the individual respiration requirements of the respective fruit and vegetable product.

PerfoTec’s patented tube in tube construction combined with intelligent software and sensors facilitate pre-gas flushing to reach exact and consistent 02 concentrations in the packaging. PerfoTecO2Control is suitable for all packaging machines.

Increased packaging speed, significant gas savings and reduced costs are key advantages for packaging companies. The extended shelf life achieved using PerfoTec technology leads to a reduction of food waste, plastic waste and thereby a lower carbon footprint. These are advantages for the environment and for us all.

Hessing, a global innovation leader in the produce processing industry has collaborated with PerfoTec in the development of PerfoTec02Control, and proven consistent improved quality and longer shelf life in its large scale operations. Hessing’s retail customers also benefit from better quality at the end of shelf life and reduced in store waste.

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