“Green Tulip” Accenture Innovation Award

PerfoTec won this Award 10 years ago and is still very proud of being the winner of the “Green Tulip”.  

From the start of the Accenture Innovation Awards in 2007, Accenture and its partners sought to identify the most promising startups and innovations in the Netherlands, helping them grow, scale and flourish. In 2012 Accenture awarded 5 companies in different categories with the “Blue Tulip” and rewarded in that year the most innovative and durable idea across all categories with the “Green Tulip”. The winner of the “Green Tulip” received a lot of media attention and was given a free animation. Since 2020 the awards were rebranded as the “Blue Tulip Awards”.

Green Tulip Accenture Innovation Award by PerfoTec

The award was an acknowledgment for the early customers of PerfoTec that the PerfoTec MAP technology is successful. It also helped PerfoTec to convince new customers to try the PerfoTec Laser System and the PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter to create the optimal modified atmosphere for the fresh product packaging.

PerfoTec kept on innovating and in 2018 we added the PerfoTec O2 control (a gas flush system) to our portfolio. The O2Control ensures that the product in the packaging is in the ideal gas composition immediately from the moment of packaging. Only 2 years ago PerfoTec introduced the PerfoTec Liner Bag which characteristics creates an important packaging solution for bulk transport and storage of fresh produce. Our newest innovation is a packaging film with outstanding O2, CO2 and water vapor permeability properties. If this recyclable film is combined with PerfoTec’s equipment unimaginable shelf-life results can be achieved.

PerfoTec – as an innovative company –  is still very proud of this Innovation award. Up till today PerfoTec is still using the animation which came by winning this Award. The animation has been and still is a welcome advantage to explain in laymen terms the PerfoTec technology.

And the Tulip? In a way it is still a hot topic in our success story. Recently we announced that with the PerfoTec Liner Bag we can keep the Tulips fresh for 28 days without water.  If you want to learn more, please read our case study.

If you are struggling to keep your produce fresh, please contact us: info@perfotec.com

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