Jayshri Propack a multiheaded Laser system
Jayshri Propack Pvt. Ltd has purchased a PerfoTec multiheaded Laser system

PerfoTec is pleased to announce that Jayshri Propack Pvt. Ltd has purchased a PerfoTec multiheaded Laser system. PerfoTec will advise, train, and explain the PerfoTec technology to extend the self-life of fresh packed produce to the team of Jayshri Propack Pvt. This prominent manufacturer of several packaging and barrier films for the consumer food market will benefit with this new innovative technology to extend the self-life of packed fresh produce to Indian food packers and growers. With this PerfoTec multiheaded Laser System, the PerfoTec knowledge and the new PerfoTec recyclable films Jayshri Propack Pvt. Ltd can provide microperforated films to conquer new markets with new packaging solutions. On Thursday February 16th Bas Groeneweg of PerfoTec signed the purchase agreement with Jignesh Hirpara, Ravi Hirpara, Hiren Hirpara and Jinal Patel of Jayshri Propack Pvt Ltd. Under watchful eye of Sanviha Food Tech Solutions (PerfoTec’s new distribution partner in India). We are so pleased that Jayshri Propack Pvt. Ltd and PerfoTec are joining forces in the Indian food market and we believe that with this signature a long and steady partnership is established.

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