Product Manager (full time)

PerfoTec LinerBag & PerfoTec C+ Film

Job description…

PerfoTec is entering the market of film distribution as a supplement to its existing PerfoTec equipment. PerfoTec films will play an important role in enhancing the effects of Modified Atmosphere Packaging, giving PerfoTec an added competitive edge in its new product development. The product manager ensures the market introduction of this new product will run smoothly. He/she has consistent supportive contact with (potential) customers on a quality level as well as operational level to implement PerfoTec products, especially films. Learn about PerfoTec Team…

Goal of the position

  • Development, improvement and execution of the PerfoTec film strategy;
  • Guiding (potential) customers about the correct way to use the PerfoTec Films, taking into consideration the goal to achieve optimal Modified Atmosphere in the packaging;
  • Organisation of trials at customer’s location;
  • Guide toward implementation of PerfoTec films and equipment.

Place in the organisation

The product manager reports to and maintains frequent contact with the commercial director. He/she maintains frequent contact with all employees in the organization to achieve his/her goals.

Main responsabilities


  1. The product manager is responsible for the design and execution of proof of concept trials with the PerfoTec system at potential customers as part of their decision-making process.
  2. Gives feedback and advice to sales about customer criteria and the presales route, and also presales opportunities.
  3. Take initiative to improve the customer user experience and cooperate actively with other departments of PerfoTec for product development and new innovations.


  1. Training and instruction to customers’ employees about the use of the PerfoTec films.
  2. Responsible for customer satisfaction, by visiting the main customers and keeping up to date on their needs, wishes and progress.

Knowledge creation

  1. Staying up to date on developments in the field of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and relevant field of studies such as packaging, plastics, quality management etc. by visiting congresses, attending courses and collaborations with research institutes.
  2. Training internally, ensure that all relevant employees (and distributors) have a basic understanding of the PerfoTec system.
  3. Create case studies of trial results, and communicate these internally.


  • Post-harvest produce training;
  • Good communication and relationship building skills;
  • Working experience not required. PerfoTec will adapt function based on candidate experience;
  • Experience and affinity in working with customers, to support and train them;
  • Ability to travel approximately 20-30%;
  • Commercial mindset required;
  • Technical experience is preferred but not required.


If you are interested in this position, we ask you to contact Bas Groeneweg, via If you are invited for an interview, the interview will be digital, because of the COVID-19 measures.