New PerfoTec laser technology gives Belmark..

New PerfoTec laser technology gives Belmark an edge in the US produce industry.

For longer shelf life and food waste deduction:

Belmark has partnered with PerfoTec to introduce a system designed to achieve prolonged shelf life and consistent quality of fresh produce; thereby contributing to a reduction in food waste and lower carbon footprint.

Belmark says its aim is to take the fresh produce market in the USA to the next level,and offers a range of products and services to meet almost any packaging requirement. Based in Wisconsin, the company has a direct sales force geographically positioned throughout the US. Members of Belmark’s sales and technical teams will be working closely with their customers to define and supply the optimal packaging material to meet the specific characteristics of their produce.

Initial stages of this system utilize a Fast Respiration Meter. This unit collects oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements of the produce. Technical personnel analyse the data with the help of PerfoTec software, and combined with information about packaging and supply chain temperatures, the optimal number and size of laser microperforations is determined to maintain the best quality of the produce.

Belmark says it has partnered with PerfoTec because their technology is at the leading edge in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (or MAP) for fresh produce. The PerfoTec laser is the only laser in the world that has a patented closed loop feedback camera system which inspects each hole, for quality control purposes, and to ensure the accuracy of the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of each fresh produce package.This is a key differentiator in quality assurance, and is available from no other fresh produce packaging supplier in North America.

With PerfoTec’s laser technology, Belmark offers its produce customers consistent top quality customized packaging, that prolongs its shelf life and helps reduce food waste.

PerfoTec’s high precision Laser Perforation System and knowledgeable team help customers reach optimal modified atmosphere in their fresh produce packaging.
The results are extended shelf life, consistent quality, reduced waste and costs.

Belmark is a leading US supplier of innovative solutions in flexible packaging, pressure sensitive labelling and folding cartons.They offer full graphics and technical expertise to assist customers and prospects with the design and construction of their packaging needs.

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