PerfoTec Dynamic Liner SystemPerfoTec Dynamic Liner System
produces customized MAP liner bags locally for maximum freshness of all produce

Produces customized MAP liner bags locally for maximum freshness of all produce

The fully integrated Dynamic Liner System (DLS) is a new technology to manufacture modified atmosphere liner bags for bulk packaging at source, using any film tube. Fresh produce growers and packers can produce liner bags on location, with the most suitable permeability for their produce at that moment.

The longer shelf life achieved allows longer transport and storage times, reduced waste and more sales.

PerfoTec’s high precision online laser perforation system is an integral part of the DLS. The patented closed-loop-feedback-camera-system inspects each hole, for quality control purposes, and to ensure the accuracy of the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) of each liner bag. Its software system can store up to 200 programs for easy operator selection.

The PerfoTec DLS is a reel-to-reel system with a semi-easy tear line. The intelligent sealing system is temperature and pressure adjustable. For identification and traceability of the liner bags, a thermo transfer printer is also incorporated onto the DLS.

The PerfoTec team of engineers and technical specialists offer training and support around the globe to maximize the use and success of your new equipment.

Flexibility, cost savings and optimal shelf life

PerfoTec’s Dynamic Liner System (DLS) can use multiple raw materials for the film tube, to make the liner bags, including ones that are locally sourced, biodegradable and/or compostable. They can be produced on-demand, with no lead time, and in the right size and specifications to match the produce’s modified atmosphere characteristics needed at that moment. The “Just In Time” local production eliminates high transport costs and long lead times of imported liner bags, giving the fresh produce grower/packer a competitive advantage.

It is optimal and recommended to use the DLS in combination with PerfoTec’s Fast Respiration Meter (FRM) to measure the respiration rate of fresh produce and thereby determine the optimal Oxygen Transmission Rate required for the liner bags. This information is used in combination with the PerfoTec software and laser perforation system, incorporated in the DLS, to produce the most precise MAP liner bags. The extended shelf life results in better quality of the product on arrival at destination, facilitating longer transpor t and storage options. Significant time and cost savings, as well as food waste reduction, are now possible with the PerfoTec Dynamic Liner System.

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Reducing food waste with PerfoTec freshness extension tools

The Perfotec Dynamic Liner System is an innovative system to optimize the quality and shelf life of fresh produce while improving productivity and versatility of use and reducing waste and costs. Along with complementary PerfoTec freshness extension tool, the Fast Respiration Meter 4.0, the Dynamic Liner System offers great potential for a chain-wide approach to reduction of food waste.

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