PerfoTec FRM with Brussels sproutsPerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter
What is it and how does it work? PerfoTec’s easy and simple explanation

We have been working closely with PerfoTec since 2009 to constantly monitor & improve our packaging. Central to all of this is their Fast Respiration Meter which is a huge game changer in our quality assurance system. We are constantly measuring the respiration rates of the products we export, and this enables us to design optimum packaging across the year. This in turn ensures we give our customers great quality and shelf life.

Mr. Snehal Patel, Kenya Horticultural Exporters

Perfotec FRM 4.0Fruits, veggies and flowers keep ‘breathing’ even after they’ve been packed. That’s what we call fresh produce respiration. When you know how fast they breathe, you know the respiration rate. Now you can design your packaging to slow down the respiration, so the produce goes to sleep and stays fresh longer.

When the product is ‘sleeping’ it deteriorates at a slower rate. For example:

  • Mould development is delayed (strawberries, raspberries, grapes, flowers)
  • Ripening process is delayed (mango, papaya, bananas, avocadoes etc.) and
  • Colour changes are delayed (like greening on potatoes or yellowing of herbs, broccoli and leafy vegetables).

So, our first focus is the respiration rate measurement.

Strawberries in the Fast Respiration Meter basketThe respiration rates are different per product, region, season and even per variety. This means, you need a way to find out how fast your product respires before packing it. Luckily there is a tool just for that!

The meter is placed inside a cooling unit so you can measure the respiration rate of your product at any temperature in your own cool chain.

PerfoTec’s Fast Respiration Meter is not only a tool to help you with the measurement, but it’s also a very fast measurement tool. It measures the respiration rate of any fresh product within only four hours.

In other words, with the PerfoTec tools (FRM & Laser System) you are only four hours away from the ideal package that extends the shelf life of your fresh produce.

HERE you can find all technical information about the PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter. Feel free to contact us for more information about PerfoTec’s technology and how you can achieve better quality and extended shelf-life for your fresh produce.

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