PerfoTec has now a profile on the NPEX stock exchange!

As of yesterday investors can buy certificates of shares and / or bonds via NPEX stock exchange. PerfoTec is expecting growth in the United States and will use a part of this funding for this objective. An other part of this funding is reserved in the expecting growth in PerfoTec Film solutions. As mentioned before, PerfoTec is on the eve of the introduction for a pallet solution and the funding is also reserved for this plan.

PerfoTec believes that this is the right time to strengthen our capital position. The technology and knowledge in the field of packaging is embraced by many the logistics chain as more and more companies have their focus on sustainability and food waste reduction.

Our entire portfolio is based on optimizing the gas composition in the packaging, keeping the product alive and slowing down aging;

  • FRM measures how fast the product breathes
  • Our online platform converts these respiration data into the ideal permeability of the packaging so that this gas composition is achieved,
  • The laser changes the permeability of the packaging so that it allows just enough oxygen and CO2 to pass through to achieve the ideal gas composition,
  • The O2Control ensures that the product in the packaging is in the ideal gas composition immediately from the moment of packaging.
  • The Film solutions with the right permeability properties supports this process so that the product has an even longer shelf life.

If you want to know more , please check the NPEX website:

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