PerfoTec Laser Perforation System


The product

Active Modified Atmosphere PACKAGING

The PerfoTec laser perforation system extends the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and flowers by optimizing the permeability of the packaging. In fresh produce packaging, film permeability is critical for achieving an optimal atmosphere inside the package, thereby maximizing the quality and shelf life of the produce.

The PerfoTec laser perforation system makes consistent and accurate holes in both number and size. These are essential features for proper Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging (AMAP).

The system

Camera System

The integrated camera inspects each hole, for quality control purposes and to maintain consistent hole size. When needed, the laser is automatically adjusted ‘on the fly’ to balance out any variation in for example film thickness.

In this way, the system guarantees that all packages have the same exact required number and size of perforations.

The reliability

Reliable in every condition

The PerfoTec laser is designed for integration with vertical or horizontal packing machines and tray sealers. Given that production conditions can be tough, this laser system is built to withstand such environments and operates reliably even in wet, cold, and dusty conditions.

We are dedicated to keep your produce fresh.

Extension of freshness reduces food waste and saves costs. As well as providing new storage and transport possibilities. Interested? Contact us.

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