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PerfoTec LinerBag Kiwi

Keep your Kiwis fresh for up to fifteen weeks after harvest!

Kiwis maintain good quality with PerfoTec LinerBag

PerfoTec LinerBag significantly extends the shelf life of kiwis. By reducing the oxygen content in a natural way, all processes, such as aging, are slowed down.

The kiwis in the PerfoTec LinerBag do not dehydrate and retain their freshness properties. Kiwis are sensitive to minor damage or fungi. The development of fungi is limited by the fact that the PerfoTec LinerBag keeps the kiwis dry.


Compostable TUV AustriaPerfoTec LinerBags are tailor made for the product needs
Freshness protected, through decreased O2 levels
Optimum CO2 regulation
High Water Vapour Transmission Rate (HWVTR)

General benefits

Makes sea freight possible and so it reduces transport costs
Reduces the overall carbon footprint
Maintains product quality for the longest possible time

Storage of Kiwis at different temperatures in PerfoTec LinerBag

Condition Temperature Storage
Sea freight/long storage 0°C 170 days
Air freight/short storage 5°C 40 days

Retail display time after transport or storage

Packaging Temperature Display time
Macro perforation 20°C 7 days
Micro perforation, with PerfoTec C+ Film 20°C 14 days

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PerfoTec LinerBag can be used with all fruit, vegetables and flowers. Here we are showing you some examples of fresh produce and our technology. PerfoTec LinerBag can be used in combination with our PerfoTec C+ Film for retail packages to even further extend the produce life.

For more information about PerfoTec LinerBag combined with your produce, please contact us.