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Our Company

Bas Groeneweg started PerfoTec in 2004. In his former job he experiences what fine tuned packinging could do on Brussels Sprouts. He saw that smaller holes were better for the product, because they reduce decay. He also discovered that it was possible to microperforate in-line on packaging machines of fresh produce. Therefore some packages can be easier to open. As a result, in cooperation with Mundi Laser Technology, in 3 years time he designed a laser that fits on almost every packaging machine.

The PerfoTec Laser Perforation System is the only laser in the world that has a patented Closed-loop Feedback Camera system. The PerfoTec experts have a lot of experience with the different respiration rates of fresh produce. In 2007 we developed the Fast Respiration Meter (in cooperartion with TOP BV). In 2019 we introduced our newest model; the Fast Respiration Meter 4.0, because we will never stop improving our products. An innovative and patented respiration meter, developed and designed to measure the respiration rate of fresh produce within only four hours.

The PerfoTecO2Control is the ultimate gas flush system for vertical, horizontal and flow packing machines. This system was nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019. Along with our machines, we developed smart software and smart packaging solutions. For instance our AMAP software, but also our newest innovation, the PerfoTec LinerBag. In conjunction with packaging machinery specialists and regional distributors ,we aim to become the primary technology partner to retailers and their suppliers for extending the freshness of fresh produce. In conclusion, since the foundation of PerfoTec, we helped a lot of companies to maintain the best quality for their produce for the longest amount of time.

Our Team

PerfoTec Team Renate

Renate Brandon

Sales & Customer Care Representative

Kim Jensen

Global Sales Manager

Koen Kersten

Global Sales Manager

Stefano Hiwat

Global Sales Manager

PerfoTec Team Annette Hardeman

Annette Hardeman

Finance Director

PerfoTec Team Bas Groeneweg

Bas Groeneweg

Founder / CEO

Pascal Bruneau PerfoTec

Pascal Bruneau

Sales Engineer

Martijn de Bruin

Technical Director

PerfoTec Team UK, Irina Pop

Irina Sneyd

Technical Account Specialist

Charlotte Turner PerfoTec

Charlotte Mathias

Technical Account Specialist


Elisa Bongiolatti

Product Manager

PerfoTec Hugo Theunissen

Hugo Theunissen

Assistant Product Manager

Patrick Mesman

Field Service Engineer

Bastiaan Schreuders

Field Service Engineer

Louis van Waversveld

Field Service Engineer

Parth Gawarikar

Software Engineer

Inge van Wijk PerfoTec

Inge van Wijk

Financial Assistant

Robert Benschop

Robert Benschop

Assistant Supply Chain Coordinator

PerfoTec Team USA, Joan Rosen

Joan Rosen

Post Harvest Consulent

PerfoTec Team Paul

Paul van de Loo

Post Harvest Consulent

Our Distributors & Agents

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Døvigen, Norway


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Peninsula Packaging, South Africa

South Africa

Everscience, Taiwan


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