In 2017 and 2018, PerfoTec invested heavily in the development of new technologies. These will be introduced on the market shortly. This Dutch company has patented all these technologies, systems, and materials. PerfoTec systems have been placed in more than 200 locations. These sites are in 40 different countries.

In 2019, PerfoTec introduces:

  • PerfoTec Linerbags, which are biodegradable and ensure weeks of extra freshness.
  • The Dynamic Liner System – these (or other) liner bags can be produced, efficiently and inexpensively.
  • The Shuttle Tray System for optimal transport.
  • Renting instead of buying the technology.

PerfoTec develops and sells laser systems, respiration meters, gas flush units, the Shuttle Tray concept, and the Dynamic Liner System. With PerfoTec, the best results in extending quality and shelf life can be achieved. Its use is also 100% natural, so nothing unnatural is added.
PerfoTec lasers burn the correct micro-perforations into packaging. This means the oxygen level is reduced, delaying the aging process. This technology is used for both consumer packaging as well as transport packaging.


It will soon be possible to deliver fresh products in entirely plant-based, biodegradable crate bags. Amazing results have been achieved with several products. These include Brussels Sprouts, green beans, bell peppers, courgettes, aubergines, and cucumbers.
Even after a few weeks, these could not be distinguished from their freshly harvested counterparts. Even on the cutting edges. Potatoes also remain dry and fresh and will not sprout prematurely.
These new crate bags can be manufactured on the Dynamic Liner System. This system can be delivered from the end of 2019. It will include fully biodegradable base material. From the end of this year, the sustainable Shuttle Tray will also be introduced. This tray will replace single-use disposable packaging.

These three new technologies will significantly extend products’ shelf lives. They will also make airfreight redundant. This will reduce the impact on the environment. So, less food wastage, less plastic packaging, and less CO2 emissions.


As of 27 June, PerfoTec has been listed on the Nxchange Exchange via the innovative financing platform, Rabo&Crowd. The technology company wants to use this to raise capital. They want to rent out their latest shelf life extending ideas.
The bonds are called Freshness bonds. PerfoTec wants to use the proceeds from these bonds to introduce a new financing model – pay for the use, instead of the ownership, of the technology.
Clients are given the option to only pay for the use of the system. This is besides being able to purchase it. PerfoTec expects this will better meet market needs. They also hope it to stimulate further growth.
The conditions, as well as the minimum entry price, can be found on the website,

For more information:
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