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The ultimate gas flush system for both horizontal tray seal packing and vertical packing machines.

The Ultimate Gas Flush System

The PerfoTecO2Control is the ultimate gas flush system for both horizontal tray seal packing and vertical packing machines. Fresh produce packers reach the required level of modified atmosphere in the packs from the moment they are packed, while reducing PerfoTecO2Controlgas waste, increasing packing speed, reducing product in seal and achieving an accurate and stable O2 level with a deviation of less than 0.5% between packs.

PerfoTec’s patented tube in tube construction combined with an intelligent gas flow software has three sensors which ensure pre-gas flushing takes place in the tube until the desired gas mixture is reached. Then the packaging starts with exact and consistent O2 concentrations. Real time data is recorded, linked to the sensors and displayed on the PerfoTecO2Control panel.

The settings are adjusted automatically to ensure a maximum deviation of 0.5% in O2 levels.

A security check is built into the system whereby the packing machine is stopped if the O2 levels are too high or too low, and additionally, even if the packing machine has to stop frequently due to product shortage, the O2 levels still remains stable. When the packing machine is turned off, the gas flow will automatically be shut down.

Food grade compressed air combined with a carbon filter replaces expensive and less safe O2 gas cylinders, leading to reduced costs and improved production safety. The high flow and low pressure nitrogen flow reduces the turbulence of the gas flush going into the packs, resulting in a significant reduction of product-in-seal and a higher packing speed. This leads to higher productivity.

Gas flow software panel

  • Pre-gas flushing until the right level is reached. Then packaging can start
  • So your first package already has the correct O2 level
  • Real-time data display of three oxygen sensors
  • Packs are filled with exact amount of O2 concentrations
  • PerfoTec system automatically adjusts O2 levels
  • Security check on O2 level, if O2 level is too high or too low packing machine stops
  • No gas flow when packaging machine is off
  • Even if the machine has to stop frequently due to product shortage, the O2 level remains stable


To ensure uniformity of the gas in the tube during production, the PerfoTecO2Control is equipped with 3 sensors.

  • Sensor 1: Measures the input O2 level
  • Sensor 2: Measures the O2 level near the sealing jaws
  • Sensor 3: Measures the O2 level near the top of the filling tube

Mounting bracket and inner tube construction

PerfoTec will manufacture and supply a custom built mounting bracket, to integrate the PerfoTecO2Control display on your packaging machine or on the wall of your factory.

Inner tube construction:

  • Accurate and precise gas flushing
  • Sensor in filling tube measures in-bag concentration
  • Gas flow is controlled not to exceed max level: 0.5% O2 deviation between packs
  • Uses food grade compressed air combined with a carbonfilter. This is an advantage in comparison with the use and storage of expensive O2 gas cylinders
  • Reduction of product-in-seal
  • High flow/low pressure nitrogen for less turbulence, higher packing speed
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Reducing food waste with PerfoTec freshness extension tools

The PerfoTecO2Control is an innovative ultimate gas flushing system that optimizes the quality and shelf life of fresh produce while improving productivity and safety, and reducing waste and costs. Along with complementary PerfoTec freshness extension tools, such as our Laser Perforation System and the Fast Respiration Meter 4.0, the PerfoTecO2Control offers great potential for a chain-wide approach to reduction of food waste.

Please contact us for more information on the benefits of the PerfoTec Laser Perforation System for your organisation.