Process & How it works

Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh but the respiration rate varies by variety and through the seasons making it difficult to design the optimal packaging properties. How it works (YouTube)

PerfoTec supplies the equipment to quickly measure the respiration rate of fresh produce and adapt the packaging accordingly.
By slowing down the natural respiration rate it effectively puts the fresh produce to sleep. Learn more about this process…

PerfoTec implementation

Actively Modified Atmosphere Packaging (AMAP)

AMAP extends the shelf life of fresh produce by optimizing the permeability of the packaging

‘Putting fresh produce to sleep to boost shelf life’

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AMAP - PerfoTec implementation

Our CLMS system contains our
patented AMAP Software

Use the pre-settings for fresh produce type based on AMAP knowledge database

Easily create your own settings based on your fresh produce type, weight per pack, chain temperature & respiration rate *

* As measured by PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter

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AMAP - CLMS software PerfoTec

Camera Controlled Laser System

Creates the micro-perforations to achieve the correct permeability
Intelligent camera control with high accuracy
Full traceability

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PerfoTec Laser Camera system for micro perforation