References: More than 250 systems
of PerfoTec are used at 200 sites
in 40 different countries

Case Study Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer, one of the PerfoTec references, conducted several commercial scale pilots with fresh grapes, raspberries and strawberries. They managed to extend the shelf life from 5 to 7 days for grapes, 5 to 10 days for raspberries and 4 to 8 days for strawberries.

Due to the longer shelf life, in-store waste was reduced by 50%, which created a major financial saving. For one product the in-store waste even decreased by 95%! In addition the increase in product quality resulted in a double-digit sales growth.

Based on these results M&S has implemented the PerfoTec Technology for all soft fruits.

“Our quality manager has now become our best salesperson”
M&S Grapes PerfoTec packaging

PerfoTec References and Experiences

PerfoTec References, Branston

“As well as offering two additional days’ shelf life, the new packaging with the PerfoTec technology has halved waste on the lines we have introduced it in, since its launch. Following this success we’re rolling it out across the whole Waitrose potato range, and it’s already providing positive results, with a 30% initial sales increase.”

Mark Wilcox, Technical Director, Branston Potatoes UK

PerfoTec References, Edward Vision

“I have conducted many film trials of MAP film vs. PerfoTec, with PerfoTec blowing the others out of the water with regards to quality and extended shelf life possibilities.”

Michael Silburn, Compliance & Packaging Manager Edward Vision Ltd

PerfoTec References, Drydales

“The back up and technical support we have received from PerfoTec has been excellent. They are a company that works very hard at delivering what they have sold you.”

Managing Director, Drysdales, supplier of Brussels Sprouts UK

PerfoTec References, Adesva

“We found a very consistent improvement in quality of shelf life that we at Adesva have never seen before with other shelf life extension methods.”

General Manager, Adesva

Logo Marks & Spencer

“PerfoTec was proven to deliver two days extra life on strawberries and three days on raspberries, leading to significant reductions in store waste levels (up to 20%) and an increase in availability without any detriment to quality.”

M&S, Retailer UK

“Normally I had to throw away the vegetables a few days after I bought them because they became discoloured and moist. Now the bag with vegetables is still as fresh after 4 days as the day I bought it.”

Consumer, UK

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