Maintain the best quality
for your produce for the longest
amount of time with PerfoTec’s
shelf life extending technology

PerfoTec’s high precision Laser Perforation System and knowledgeable team help you reach optimal modified atmosphere in your fresh produce packaging.
Resulting in extended shelf life, consistent quality, reduced waste and costs.

Benefits producers

– Wider market reach –

– Increases supply options –

– Attracts new customers –

– Increases demand for fresh produce –

– Increases sales revenue –

– Waste reduction –

Benefits packers

– Increases production flexibility –

– Saves cost of packing extra product to compensate weight loss –

– Waste reduction –

– Reduces transportation costs –

– Road transport instead of air –

– Consistent quality –

Benefits retailers

– Reduces waste and costs significantly –

– Extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables –

– Better quality at end of shelf life –

– Reduces distribution cost –

– Increases sales revenue –

– Happy repeat customers –

PerfoTec launches new
Dynamic Liner System (DLS):

The fully integrated Dynamic Liner System (DLS) is PerfoTec’s new technology that manufactures modified atmosphere liner bags, for bulk packaging, at source. Fresh produce growers and packers can now produce liner bags on location…

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PerfoTec & Oerlemans collaboration

The new PerfoTec LinerBag

Belmark has partnered with PerfoTec

About us

PerfoTec collaborates with a number of partners on the innovation of flower bulb packaging

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