Just a few weeks ago we proudly announced the extension of freshness up to 21 days with Spinach in combination with our new innovative recyclable film. This special recyclable film with a higher-water permeability and carbon dioxide permeability is setting a new standard in the market for pillow bags. We also mentioned that for other vegetables like baby leaves, iceberg salad, and mixed salad the film properties will be slightly tweaked. This development is in progress.

At this moment we are also investigating the use of this new innovative recyclable film for top seal solutions. Condensation in punnets is often a problem and this has to do with storage temperature and the film properties. To avoid that, the water permeability and carbon dioxide permeability must be very high in a film, especially in a top seal solution where the breathable area is smaller than in a bag.

In the United States of Amerika we already successfully pack strawberries with top seal solutions as American strawberries have a higher dry matter content. Condensation in punnets is for those strawberries not a problem as it is with European strawberries which are more vulnerable and soft.  Therefore we are testing our new film with European strawberries.

We are so proud of the results that we are already presenting this sneak preview! We have packed strawberries with a normal top seal film and our new – transparent – innovative recyclable film. The difference is huge! Our solution outperforms clamshell and other top seal films and we believe again that we will set a new standard for soft fruit. Strawberries packed with normal top seal film show water drops inside the packaging and strawberries packed with our new innovative top seal film remain dry even at room temperature. The PerfoTec film properties have a great effect on preventing mould and weight loss due to lack of humidity.

The commercial phase is within reach as we are still tweaking the film properties to improve the machinability. The solution to pack soft fruit with micro perforated top seal packaging is a handshake away.

Stay tuned for the final results.

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