"Master Plastics is both a technology and product licensee of Perfotec BV into the Southern Africa region. The specialist and innovative technology and product offerings from Perfotec BV enables Master Plastics to offer products to the region which prevents food waste throughout the entire food supply chain from production to distribution, retail sales and ultimately consumer consumption. These offerings contribute significantly to preventing and reducing food waste which in turn contributes to reducing the risk of food insecurity, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, protects the environment and ensures the sustainability of many communities in the region.

Manley Diedloff – Master Plastics (Pty) Limited

"As a Target supplier for McDonald's in Europe, we are very proud that we use the O2Controle from PerfoTec to make a difficult salad mix. The gas level in the 1kg bags with iceberg lettuce, are all the same. No fluctuation, that means no Food Waste and consistent quality. "

Harm van Nispen – Process Technologist, Van Gorp GreenFood / Hessing Superver

"At our farm located near Brussels we grow asparagus, endives and Brussels Sprouts. The Brussels sprouts are grown for the Belgium market but also for export to other European countries, USA, Canada and Asia. We use a Perfotec laser system on our packaging machines to adjust the amount of perforations in the packaging films. By measuring the respiration rate of the Brussels Sprouts daily and based on the specifications of the transport to the shop we can choose the correct transpiration rate of the bags to extend the shelf life of the product. Since we started using this technology we saw a significant increase in shelf life for the Brussels sprouts, we can now store or transport in bags for more than 2 weeks without any weight or quality loss."

Vincent Goossens – LV Goossens Sarens – Belgium

"Perfotec is a World leader in reducing food waste. EarthFresh has been collaborating with Perfotec for several years to bring innovative solutions to the potato business. We utilize their proprietary system to measure the respiration of different varieties of potatoes during their life cycle. Then we customize the perforations on our packaging using their laser perforation equipment, to minimize the respiration of our packaged products. With Perfotec EarthFresh has seen significant enhancements to shelf life, and we feel that the potato industry will benefit greatly by the reductions in food waste that these technologies will bring."

Tom HughesEarthFreshFood – Canada

"Church Brothers Farms employs PerfoTec’s Fast Respirometer daily to determine the respiration rate of different fresh-cut vegetables and salads to adjust packaging parameters to seasonal and regional variations in the physiology of fresh produce to maximize its postharvest life. This has improved the organoleptic quality and shelf life of our fresh-cut produce and expedited our new product development process. Currently, we are conducting trials with PerfoTec’s new bio-based liner bag for shelf life extension and waste reduction of fresh produce throughout our supply chain. Over the 10+ years, I have worked with PerfoTec, the company continuously innovated in the space of the fresh-cut industry to improve freshness, reduce waste and increase sustainability. Susanne Klose – Sr Director of Research & Development"

Church Brothers Farms – Salinas, California, USA

"As number 1 producer of Fresh Produce in the Central and Eastern European Market, we find PerfoTec combined solution of Map control and laser micro perforation, a breakthrough in the industry, because it can guarantee an extension of the quality of the final product, which means loosen the tight industry supply chain timings, contributing in that way for the global waste reduction."

Paulo Alexio – COO Poland – Green Factory Sp. zoo

"Branston is one of the largest retail potato packers in the UK and we embrace innovation to help us solve challenges. We have been using PerfoTec for at least past 5 years and it has helped us to increase the shelf life of our salad potatoes and reduce food waste for both our customers and consumers. "

Vidyanath Gururajan, Innovations Director – UK

"We have been using PerfoTec technology for well over 10 years now & boy what a game changer this has been. From reducing inventory holding costs which improved cash flows to designing unique packaging for products grown on our own farms. We learnt quickly that the same product behaves differently depending on the season / weather conditions & at the click of a button we are able to accommodate this change, which had led to massive savings in wastage & claims. Perhaps, the biggest gain has been seen in this area, which in turn has greatly improved the bottom line. This technology has also enabled us to ship product by sea which is a massive game changer considering the skyrocketing freight costs. Please feel free to contact me for more help or information. PerfoTec is definitely “Technology That Works”"

Snehal Patel – Director – Kenya Horticultural Exporters Ltd

"In Taiwan, we had adopted PerfoTec ‘s technology to extend the fresh-keeping period of crops smoothly, It keeps the supply price of green onions stable, and not fluctuate greatly due to the season. It also stabilizes the quality of cut vegetables and extends the sales period, which brings the producers, resellers, and customers a three-win effect satisfaction."

Jerry Wu – CEO Everscience Technology Co. Ltd. – Taiwan

"Emmett UK has worked with PerfoTec for over 15 years, over that time we have used PerfoTec technology on all of our lines and products, including bagged spinach and other vegetables. The support and help we get from PerfoTec is excellent , they are always available to help us tweak our system and offer new enhancements. Our shelf life has without doubt increased over time and sales have risen as a result."

Alex Boughton – Operations director

"In my decades of being in the berry business I have never seen technology that has made such a difference in product life. We know that we are lowering food waste by giving the whole system more time to deliver fresh, wholesome product that the consumer can use in their home."

Ernie Farley, Partner – Good Farms – USA

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