The system

the respiration rate in only four hours

The PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter 4.0 measures the respiration rate of fresh produce in just four hours. This enables you to adapt to seasonal variations by adjusting package permeability accordingly, ensuring optimal product quality.

The FRM allows the usage of different size vessels to accommodate every type of fruit, vegetable, and flower. It measures oxygen consumption as well as the production of carbon dioxide, and automatically and securely stores this data in your database.

The technology

The technology accessible to everyone

The latest generation of the Respiration Control System signifies a major advancement in preserving freshness through precise respiration rate measurement. With the Central Laser Management System, this revolutionary technology becomes accessible to everyone involved in the supply chain, be they growers, packers, or retailers.

We are dedicated to keep your produce fresh.

Extension of freshness reduces food waste and saves costs. As well as providing new storage and transport possibilities. Interested? Contact us.

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