PerfoTec O2control


The system

The Ultimate
Gas Flush System

The PerfoTec O2Control ensures that the product in the packaging is in the ideal gas composition immediately from the moment of packaging.

The PerfoTec O2Control is the highest accuracy gas flush system for vertical and horizontal packing machines, and for tray sealers. It combines food-grade compressed air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to produce the desired gas mix for your produce. Together with an intelligent sensor system, this delivers accurately gas flushed packages from the first pack. This results in the highest consistency in packed produce quality and shelf life.

The O2Control saves on gas consumption, reduce product in seal, and increase packaging speed while maintaining the highest level of accuracy.

The data

Always Real-time data

Real-time production and sensor data are recorded and displayed on the PerfoTec O2Control panel and used to adjust the O2Control automatically. The production data is automatically stored in the client’s database.

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The struggle to keep your produce fresh is history with our solution

Extension of freshness reduces food waste and saves costs. As well as providing new storage and transport possibilities. Interested? Contact us.

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