PerfoTec provides the knowledge and tools to
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the longest amount of time.
Retailers and their suppliers worldwide
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Laser Perforation System

Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging
The PerfoTec Laser System extends the freshness of fresh produce by optimising the permeability of the packaging. Film permeability is the critical control point for the quality and shelf life of fresh produce. The permeability of the packaging can be controlled through microperforation.
The PerfoTec Laser makes consistent and accurate amount and size of holes. These are essential features for Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

The PerfoTec Laser is the only laser in the world that has a patented closed-loop-feedback-camera-system. The integrated camera inspects each hole, for quality control purposes, and also to be able to ensure the accuracy of the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) of each pack. If necessary the laser is automatically adjusted ‘on the fly’ to balance out any variation in film thickness…

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The Ultimate Gas Flush System
The PerfoTecO2Control is the ultimate gas flush system for both horizontal tray seal packing and vertical packing machines. Fresh produce packers reach the required level of modified atmosphere in the packs from the moment they are packed, while reducing gas waste, increasing packing speed, reducing product in seal and achieving an accurate and stable O2 level with a deviation of less than 0.5% between packs.

PerfoTec’s patented tube in tube construction combined with an intelligent gas flow software has three sensors which ensure pre-gas flushing takes place in the tube until the desired gas mixture is reached. Then the packaging starts with exact and consistent O2 concentrations. Real time data is recorded, linked to the sensors and displayed on the PerfoTecO2Control panel. The settings are adjusted automatically to ensure a maximum deviation of 0.5% in O2 levels…

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Fast Respiration Meter 4.0

Measures the respiration rate of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers in four hours
The innovative and patented PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter 4.0 is developed and designed to measure the respiration rate of fresh produce within just four hours. This enables you to effectively respond to seasonal variations and determine the required optimal transmission for your packaging. It measures oxygen consumption as well as production of carbon dioxide and ethylene. The optional ethylene sensor helps to predict the ripening speed of batches of raw material, which is important information for stock management.

The respiration rate is calculated per ml air per kg per 24 hours. The information can be uploaded onto a website with the online AMAP software to convert the data into a required transmission per package. In combination with the packaging and film specifications, the data is converted into the number and size of laser perforations required to extend the shelf life…

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Dynamic Liner System (DLS)

Produces customized MAP liner bags locally for maximum freshness of all produce.
The fully integrated Dynamic Liner System (DLS) is a new technology to manufacture modified atmosphere liner bags for bulk packaging at source, using any film tube. Fresh produce growers and packers can produce liner bags on location, with the most suitable permeability for their produce at that moment. The longer shelf life achieved allows longer transport and storage times, reduced waste and more sales.

PerfoTec’s high precision online laser perforation system is an integral part of the DLS. The patented closed-loop-feedback-camera-system inspects each hole, for quality control purposes, and to ensure the accuracy of the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) of each liner bag. Its software system can store up to 200 programs for easy operator selection…

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Smart transport packaging solutions

MAP Shuttle tray

MAP Shuttle tray, for extended freshness
during long range transport or storage…

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