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Hall 3. Booth T-39

The Amsterdam Produce Show


Nov 2-4, 2016

Packaging Innovations 2016


Nov 23-24, 2016
Stand A 102

PerfoTec is the winner of the
International FoodTec Award


40% of fresh food is wasted

Fruit and vegetable are in the top 5 of products
most often wasted.

The Respiration Control System from PerfoTec extends
the shelf life of fruit and vegetables by up to 100%.




Fresh up to 7 days longer

Fresh up to 5 days longer

Fresh up to 5 days longer

PerfoTec is used in more than 15 countries
and has experience with over
200 types of fruits and vegetables

Perfotec is an intelligent system

that makes it possible for growers, packers, wholesalers
and retailers of fruits and vegetables, to optimize the quality
and shelf life of their fresh produce.

Produce Business UK

Produce Business UK went to the Fruit Logistics 2015
to look for new concepts that support the industry
from file to fork.

Extending the shelf life of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers


What our clients say

‘PerfoTec was proven to deliver two days extra life on strawberries and three days on raspberries leading to significant reductions in store waste levels (up to 20 per cent) and an increase in availability without any detriment to quality.’


‘The back up and technical support we have received from PerfoTec has been excellent. They are a company that works very hard at delivering what they have sold you.’

Managing Director, Drysdale

‘Our quality manager has now become our best sales person.’

Retail director, UK

‘We found a very consistent improvement in quality of shelf life that we at Adesva have never seen before with other shelf life extension methods.’

General Manager, Adesva

‘I have conducted many film trials of MAP film vs Perfotec with Perfotec blowing the others out of the water with regards to quality and extended shelf life possibilities.’

Michael Silburn, Compliance & Packaging Manager, Edward Vinson Ltd

‘At the start we kept extra film in stock but we soon realized that this was not necessary. The system turned out to be extremely reliable.’

Film supplier, The Netherlands

‘Normally I had to throw away the vegetables a few days after I bought them because they became discoloured and moist. Now the bag with vegetables is still as fresh after 4 days as the day I bought it.’

Consumer, UK


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