A pellet-based system to extend berry shelf-life pt. 2

Bas Groeneweg (CEO of PerfoTec) was one the experts who spoke at the Global Berry Congress 2022. This congress – organized by Fruitnet – was held at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam at Tuesday November 15th.

During the Global Berry Congress many experts spoke about new opportunities, new transformative technologies and options to secure the future. Bas Groeneweg passionately talked about our solution for transport berries in bulk. Our Patented PerfoTec LinerBag is made of bio based home compostable materials with ideal permeability properties. This innovative solution resolves the key problems of excess water and dioxide during the transport of fresh produce. Compared with conventional – macro perforated packaging – the weight loss of blue berries is 5 times higher than blue berries packed with a micro perforated PerfoTec LinerBag. Our top seal solutions for Spanish, Egyptian and Californian strawberries (depending on the variety) outperforms the conventional packaging with 2-8 extra days of shelf-life.

In addition Bas announced that a new pallet-based system to extend the shelf-life will be launched in January 2023 and he compared old techniques with this new solution. PerfoTec is convinced that this solution is a breakthrough for the bulk transport of all varieties of Fresh Produce. 

During the networking break many buyers, suppliers and other key industry players met with the PerfoTec staff in person and many of them put their name on the list to be informed when our pallet-based system is on the market. If you want to be on this short list as well, please contact us: info@perfotec.com

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