A new standard for blueberries packaging.

A new standard for🫐 blueberries packaging.

The demand for 🫐 blueberries is increasing every year this is also influenced by various health claims. Millions of kilos of soft fruit are packed each year to travel from worldwide growers to consumers. As soft fruits are very delicate the climate changes can affect their availability even more, the need to save each berry is turning into a necessity in the coming future.  

Research with🫐 blueberries stored in punnets, trays or loose in a PerfoTec LinerBag provided to PerfoTec detailed information on how to improve the micro perforation of the LinerBag to extend the freshness of blueberries as much as possible. PerfoTec has now also detailed information about the best packaging solution.
Compared with conventional packaging, the PerfoTec LinerBag solution keeps the blueberries fresh and tasty with no dehydration. Blueberries stored with conventional packaging showed molds and bacteria.  Growers, exporters, importers, packers can reduce up to 75% of food waste.

If you are a 🫐 blueberries grower or packer and you are interested in solutions for your blueberries, you can visit us at our Stand 7-F05-B at Fruit Attraction in Madrid.


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