Great Things Comes in Small Packages: A Great Little Laser System

Recently PerfoTec integrated a PerfoTec Laser Perforation system on a manual film rewinder. This was the smallest installation in the history of PerfoTec.

First things first: Research

PerfoTec and the University of Foggia and, in particular, the Research group on Postharvest technology of Prof. Giancarlo Colelli and Prof. Maria Luisa Amodio (Dept of Agricultural Sciences, Food, Natural Resources and Engineering) are joining forces in sustainability. It’s PerfoTec mission to reduce food waste and the University of Foggia desires to enhance the investigation on biomaterials, having new tools to customize permeability properties on new materials. To this aim an adequate and innovative training proposal was organized with the Research group.

MAP Technology

PerfoTec is known for it’s innovative technology by applying MAP technology. Fresh produce is packed in various packaging to transport fruit, vegetables and flowers from grower to consumer. Regardless of which type of film is used, PerfoTec can optimize its permeability to reach the optimal atmosphere inside the package.

Laser on Manual Rewinder

This manual film rewinder combined with PerfoTec technology enables researchers of the University of Foggia to customize testing films with various perforations for their experimental activities. This means that the University of Foggia can offer high-tech solutions in favor of inclusion and sustainability in order anticipate to the continuous evolution of the labor market. And it allows PerfoTec to gain more ambassadors of their innovative technology to extend the freshness of vegetables, fruits and flowers.


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