How A Small Team can be Great in Innovation

PerfoTec’s first invention is our online Laser Perforation System, and this was developed more than 15 years ago. Next, PerfoTec invented the PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter, the PerfoTec O2 control and our latest invention is a new recyclable film with a higher water permeability and carbon dioxide permeability.

Newest improvements

This doesn’t mean that our oldest invention will be forgotten. The power of PerfoTec is the continuous improvement of our equipment and our latest improvement on this “ golden oldy” is a new integrated extraction unit to exhaust fumes while perforating films.

PerfoTec is very proud of this newest improvement as this extraction unit is designed by PerfoTec itself instead of adding a standard unit. The new extraction unit is much smaller and completely incorporated into the laser system. This simplifies integration of the laser on a packaging machine or tray sealer, and requires less space. It also means less cables and hoses which has a huge improvement on HACCP guidelines.


Extended freshness

The reason why PerfoTec invented the PerfoTec Laser Perforation System in the first place, is to extend the freshness of fruit, vegetables, and flowers by optimizing the permeability of the packaging. When packaging fresh produce, film permeability is critical in reaching an optimal atmosphere inside the package and maximizing the quality and shelf life of fresh produce.

The PerfoTec laser perforation system makes consistent and accurate amounts and size holes. These are essential features for proper Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging (AMAP).

The integrated camera inspects each hole, for quality control purposes and to maintain consistent hole size. When needed, the laser is automatically adjusted ‘on the fly’ to balance out any variation in for example film thickness.

The PerfoTec laser is developed for integration with vertical or horizontal packing machines and tray sealers. The conditions under which the production takes place are tough. The laser system is developed to withstand these conditions and is able to work reliably in wet, cold, and dusty environments.

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