Less pinking issues with packed sliced iceberg lettuce & romaine lettuce!

PerfoTec is showing promising results with a new recyclable film which is specifically tailored for the packaging of sliced iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce. This recyclable film is 50% thinner than commonly used films. This plastic reduction is a huge improvement and massive cost reduction. The new film of PerfoTec has specific water vapor and O2/CO2 permeability specifications to keep the sliced iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce fresh for extra days with less pinking risks. The new film properties also show that flushing with costly CO2 gas is not needed anymore.

The combination of PerfoTec’s patented Respiration System, the gas flush system of PerfoTec and the new developed recyclable film is a gamechanger for each sliced iceberg lettuce packer in their struggle to keep sliced iceberg lettuce fresh with less quality risks. PerfoTec can advise packers with the effects of seasonal changes, import vs local production or somewhat older product vs a fresher product.

Under stable temperature conditions PerfoTec has kept sliced iceberg lettuce fresh with no pinking up to day 9-10 and various pilots are still running. This is already an improvement with current packaging film when pinking can usually occur at day 6 or 7 whereby the used standard film is also twice as thick as PerfoTec’s new innovative film.

The results are so stable that PerfoTec is on the edge of commercial introduction. For the early birds PerfoTec has enough film in stock so that you can test for yourselves. PerfoTec promises that these early birds will get priority with the commercial introduction.

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