A game changer in the bananas supply chain!

Less shrink. Extra storage time. Even ripening. Growing area reduction. Lower CO2 emissions. Growers return improvement. Less handling in the complete supply chain.

The PerfoTec LinerBag outperforms the conventional packaging solution of bananas. PerfoTec has experience with several trials in various countries (the Netherlands, France and Caribbean countries) and we have done numerous trails in different links of the chain partners.

PerfoTec’s patented technology combined with the permeability of the PerfoTec LinerBag resolves the key problems of excess water and CO2. No moisture is recorded and therefore the bananas remains dry in a PerfoTec LinerBag. An other great advantage of the PerfoTec LinerBag is that ethylene gas in a ripening room can enter through the micro holes.

When the entire food chain wants to be sustainable and wants contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas, some solutions can be simple. No added protection or coating on the fresh produce to extend the freshness. Only micro holes in a packaging.  A simple –  home compostable – solution.

Image the advantages for the grower, the packer and the retailer with no operational changes in the current supply chain!  And all these benefits are realized with micro holes.

If you want to learn more about the solutions of PerfoTec to reduce waste: info@perfotec.com

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